Master Chef Status -- Lifelong Cooking!

Jamie Francisco Chung is a master chef! To put that in writing only affirms the attention, time and talent that he puts into merging art and precision together in his own home, in his own kitchen.

About a week ago at a Secret Santa gift exchange, Jamie received a nice lil deep fryer, apron and potholders to continue said love of creating masterpieces in the kitchen. (See picture to the left). Last night, he made his first dinner dish with the intention of utilizing the deep fryer – shrimp + vegetable tempura (see additional pictures below). We ventured to the trusty Rainier Ave QFC and grabbed the essential items to make the aforementioned dish:

1 box of tempura mix
1 package of uncooked tiger prawns + shrimp
1 zucchini
1 large white onion
1 sweet potato
1 large tomato
1 packaged of shiitake mushrooms
1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc

Upon arrival in Jamie’s kitchen I attempted to help, but he was in the zone and cleaned, cut and prepared all the shrimp and vegetables himself (so I caught up on my email and we discussed relevant events of the day). Note: Jamie and our dear friend Steven recently took a trip to Japan and took a cooking class while there so he was in the state of mind to apply the skills he had learned then. Once the food was prepped, Jamie prepped the tempura batter. Then, as he started to get the deep fryer prepped and full of oil, a problem occurred – once plugged in the deep fryer would not work properly. We tried to remedy the problem to no avail. But Jamie is a professional (self-proclaimed, and rightfully so) solution provider; therefore he utilized an alternative method to fry the food – gas stove top + high quality pan wear = we were back in business!

It got the job done! A short while later dinner was ready! Also, please note we already had two sauces for dipping: a sweet chili sauce and a soy/rice vinegar sauce. Eating ensued. The food was on point and lessons were learned. The shrimp, onion, zucchini, and mushrooms were all near perfection! We both agreed we could have done without the tomato tempura  – or the tomato should be dried out beforehand. The sweet potatoes could have used an extra 1-2 minutes being deep-fried, but were tasty all the same. All and all this was a very good meal! I am certain the next time will be even better!

Here’s to you Chef Jamie, you could be the real top chef MVP! Now it is your turn to be a guest blogger. Challenge accepted?!


Food Blogging is a habit – My return: Enjoying Tallulah’s with Mr. West!!

I love coffee. It is delicious! It revives me at times. I don’t drink it regularly, but when I do, I enjoy it! Also, I don’t drink it often because my doctor warned me against it! Epp! Anywho, I digress…I love blogging about food. I’ve been inconsistent blogging over the past two years because I was in graduate school and working…but I still enjoyed many great social times and new restaurants during that time. Alas, I graduated nearly six months ago! So I am back at it with our food blog!

My good friend Mr. West and I went to Tallulah’s in the Central District -- conveniently located across the street from KingFish CafĂ©! We were due for a brunch together. Upon arriving, the place was packed (a great sign) -- the waiting area was full of people waiting to be seated. As we stood waiting we discussed the recent social events of our lives. Once seated we were ready to enjoy the great weekend tradition that so many of us share – brunch + coffee!

We both ordered (Stumptown) coffee and set in on a robust conversation covering a range of topics from music to education to life preparation to holiday plans. At some point in between we ordered: I got the Ham and Gruyere Omelette with Crispy Shallots and Mr. West ordered the Tallulah’s Benedict on Brioche with Virginia Ham (both pictured). I have to pause and share that I was torn between ordering three different entrees and our waiter was very honest with his assessment on which dish I should go with and why. You know what’s sexy? Honest input on which dish to order! My omelette was delicious the ham was thinly sliced and portioned. The cheese was plentiful, warm and filling! The eggs were wonderfully cooked, all creating a perfect omelette! The breakfast potatoes were fantastically cut, cooked and seasoned! All in all I was very well pleased my selection! And the coffee kept getting refilled like clockwork!! 

Mr. West seemed to enjoy his benedict as much as I enjoyed my omelet! I am not going to lie; both of our plates were absolutely empty when the waiter returned to take our plates. I highly recommend Tallulah’s! The service is great. The food is fresh and delicious. And the venue is urban, intentional and very well set up. Here's their brunch menu:

Until next time!

Celebrating the fabulous Mrs. Kordell!

So I am back, from out of town…out actually...I am out of town (Seattle) writing this blog post. I know it has been a long, long while, but graduate school has been consuming all of my time! But, I have good news; in 3 short months I will be graduating!! Then, I can focus on the food blog more. But, for this special post, I am here to rave….

On Monday, March 10, Jenny, our friend Synthia, and I went to The Scotch and Vine in Des Moines to celebrate Jenny’s birthday (March 11). The occasion was special, the attendees – all a triple threat: beauty, brains, & attitude!! Synthia and I were thrilled to spend some time with our beautiful birthday girl!

First and foremost, it was also dine around Seattle, so we got an incredible deal in our three course meals. Also, because it was Jenny’s birthday the restaurant made her glass of champagne complimentary! YESSSS!! After eyeing the menu with a critical eye we each made our decisions:

Jenny: Appetizer – Arancini; Dinner – Pork Osso Bucco; and Dessert – Cinnamon Gelato
Keisha: Appetizer – Chili Marinated Prawns ; Dinner – Pork Osso Bucco; and Dessert – Key Lime pie 
Synthia: Appetizer – Chili Marinated Prawns ; Dinner – Grilled Flat Iron; and Dessert – Tuxedo cake

We enjoyed this meal indeed! The prawns were spicy and seasoned with a chili base. The cheese balls were perfectly proportioned filled with two types of cheese and sitting in a bed of marinara sauce. The pork was served with roasted potatoes and steamed Brussels sprouts. The pork was so tender that the first time I laid my fork of the pork it literally fell right off the bone. It was simple amazing! Initially, I thought for sure I’d need a box for leftovers. Turns out I did not need a box as all of the food was magically consumed!!

In summary, the three of us loved our food, dinner conversation, and the location choice. We highly recommend The Scotch & Wine for your next special occasion!!