Celebrating the fabulous Mrs. Kordell!

So I am back, from out of town…out actually...I am out of town (Seattle) writing this blog post. I know it has been a long, long while, but graduate school has been consuming all of my time! But, I have good news; in 3 short months I will be graduating!! Then, I can focus on the food blog more. But, for this special post, I am here to rave….

On Monday, March 10, Jenny, our friend Synthia, and I went to The Scotch and Vine in Des Moines to celebrate Jenny’s birthday (March 11). The occasion was special, the attendees – all a triple threat: beauty, brains, & attitude!! Synthia and I were thrilled to spend some time with our beautiful birthday girl!

First and foremost, it was also dine around Seattle, so we got an incredible deal in our three course meals. Also, because it was Jenny’s birthday the restaurant made her glass of champagne complimentary! YESSSS!! After eyeing the menu with a critical eye we each made our decisions:

Jenny: Appetizer – Arancini; Dinner – Pork Osso Bucco; and Dessert – Cinnamon Gelato
Keisha: Appetizer – Chili Marinated Prawns ; Dinner – Pork Osso Bucco; and Dessert – Key Lime pie 
Synthia: Appetizer – Chili Marinated Prawns ; Dinner – Grilled Flat Iron; and Dessert – Tuxedo cake

We enjoyed this meal indeed! The prawns were spicy and seasoned with a chili base. The cheese balls were perfectly proportioned filled with two types of cheese and sitting in a bed of marinara sauce. The pork was served with roasted potatoes and steamed Brussels sprouts. The pork was so tender that the first time I laid my fork of the pork it literally fell right off the bone. It was simple amazing! Initially, I thought for sure I’d need a box for leftovers. Turns out I did not need a box as all of the food was magically consumed!!

In summary, the three of us loved our food, dinner conversation, and the location choice. We highly recommend The Scotch & Wine for your next special occasion!!

Finally, a new blog post!

On Saturday, I had the privilege to brunch with some fine folks at Manhattan. I had previously been there for late night happy hour - but brunch happy hour takes the cake!

What is brunch happy hour? Half off of brunch plates! Crazy, right? Crazy, awesome!

Since I'm a reasonable person, I decided to get two plates because each plate was half off. You would've too, had you seen their menu. 

I wanted just about everything on there but narrowed it down to the Cajun steak and grits because (1) I love steak (2) I love poached eggs (3) Most importantly, I love spicy food and this dish came with homemade chili oil atop the grits. 

I also got the waffle because (1) I love waffles and do not have a waffle maker at home (2) It came with a side of bacon (which I got to take home to the hubby and I'm sure I scored some major brownie points with him) (3) The server said the dish presentation was pretty (which it was)! 

To be honest, I don't love Bloody Marys but ordered one anyway with brunch because (1) seems like the right brunch cocktail to order (2) I love all of the pickled stuff that comes with it (3) This one was made with whiskey instead of vodka.

So, how was the food? Spec-freaking-tacular! Everything tasted great so I'll comment on the highlights: whipped cream on the waffle was to die for. I almost asked for a bowl of it. The grits had great flavor and consistency and the chili oil was definitely a winner.

I also tried a bite of the chicken & waffle - will be ordering that the next time I'm back. How can you resist fried chicken on top of a fresh waffle, dipped in syrup? I can't, and next time I'm not sure I'd be content with only a bite.

Enjoy the food photos below - and grab some brunch there the next time you can!

Whiskey Bloody Mary!

Cajun steak & grits

Waffle with fresh fruit & whipped cream

Happy Birthday Keisha!

Happy Birthday Keisha!

To celebrate my dear friend's birthday, we went to her brunch spot of choice: Kingfish Cafe on Cap Hill.

I got the Crabcake Dewey with Herbed Hollandaise, which involved delicious (delicious = fried) crab cakes with poached eggs and sauce and some of the best homefries, ever! The crab cakes were meaty goodness covered with the perfect amount of sauce - enough for every bite but not too much to drown the crab cake or make it soggy.

It was a very satisfying meal as to be expected from Kingfish. In the past, I've gone for dinner and happy hour and am glad I was able to try the brunch. Though I didn't get anything from the brunch cocktail menu, I did see that all of the typical brunch favorites were available for $6 (what a steal!). 

Plenty of street parking, friendly & prompt service and reasonably priced. Kingfish did not disappoint - neither did the wonderful company. Cannot wait to go back for another Crabcake Dewery dish and waffle (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also ordered a waffle. Since I don't have a waffle maker at home - not enough counter space - I like to treat myself to waffles at restaurants).