Meander's Kitchen, West Seattle

If you meet me and talk to me for more than 5 minutes, you will quickly find out that I love food. And if you've ever gone out to brunch with me you will know that my favorite brunch item is eggs benedict. Lastly, if you're my eating partner-in-crime, Keisha, you will know that the best eggs benedict I have ever had is on Roche Harbor at Lime Kiln Cafe.

My colleague, Christina, lives in West Seattle. I almost moved there too last year, but I digress. She had been raving about a new-ish brunch spot called Meander's Kitchen and I had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to check it out. When she sent me a picture text of her meal there last weekend and I just about drooled all over myself I knew that I had to go there soon. So the following weekend Christina and I set up a brunch date so I can experience this place for myself.

I had some preconceived notions about Meander's Kitchen, from Yelp reviews and Christina's experiences there: that it would be a tiny, smoke-filled room with rude waitstaff and you'd have to wait two days to be seated and have your food ready. What I got instead was an overall pleasant experience! Christina was kind enough to get there before me and secure a table and order our food. So when I arrived to that area, I quickly found parking, walked into a larger-than-expected restaurant (I'm told that the room we ate in was the addition), friendly service, and food that arrived within 20 minutes of ordering it.

As for the meal itself, it was pretty darn tasty. The hashbrowns had a crunch to them and though good by themselves were definitely magical dipped in the homemade ketchup-Tabasco Chipotle mixture I had created. The eggs benedict looked pretty small compared to what I'm used to and one of them had a very small sad-looking piece of ham on it, but were seasoned perfectly and had a great texture once the yolk started running down everything. I scarfed down my meal and was left full and satisfied, and not too full which is often the case.

I hear that Saturday before 12pm can get pretty crowded, but after that it's easier to get seated. We went around 12:30pm. And they are also open 10pm - 4am on the weekends, perfect for a fourth meal after a night of partying.

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