Guest blog post by Na'Imah Tillman

9:30 am can make for a rough start if you are not an earlybird, did I mention it was Sunday morning? Well I am an early bird so I gothooked up! I walked out onto the steps of my apartment and on my 2nd step therain began to fall. Oh well I said. It is only 6 blocks and I am meeting someone new today. That is worth a morning walk in some light rain. I meet up with my friend Lakeisha Jackson, extraordinary woman and her friend Jenny. Dothey put all the awesome women in one place? Today they do!

It was my first time meeting Jenny so I was excited but I wondered if I would be able to spot her. I realized I had forgotten to get her physical description from Keisha. Luckily she was on her p's and q's and got mine. She walked into Citizen with a wave and a smile and I thought, this is gonna be a good start to my day.

The whole reason that brought us together is yummy food; I am not to that part of the story yet, but close. I chatted with Jenny and she had many lovely praises about dining at Citizen. She said any choice I made I would not be disappointed, and she was right. I settled on the B. L. T. A. I believe bread and fresh toppings make a sandwich come together. I am old fashioned and I prefer chips with everything! They nailed it with the B. L. T. A. The bread tasted fresh baked, if it wasn't it was at least fresh. Tomatoes are not that tough to come by but a good avocado is that has a fresh taste to it. I savored my mouth watering bites and it made me wonder if I was listening to everything the lovely ladies were saying. I was thinking to myself, Jenny forgive me for the blank stare, your food looks tantalizing while I am taking huge bites of my own.

I would definitely allow these ladies to pick the next place where the food adventure continues!

Girlfriend Breakfast at Citizen

Apologies for months of blog silence. Be reassured that Keisha and I still indulged in many wonderful foodie meals but haven't had time to blog about them :) We will try to be more disciplined about updating our blog, starting with this one - our comeback blog post!

Today was a great day. Weather, aside. We are, after all, in Seattle. It started out with a lovely breakfast where I was introduced to Na'Imah, one of Keisha's friends. She is an awesome lady and even committed to writing a guest post on our blog. Stay tuned. We bonded over our love of Keisha, foremost, as well as mimosas, prayer and professional networking.

Since I had been to Citizen before, I made a recommendation to Na'Imah - basically, everything is amazing - and since she was in the mood for a lunch sandwich, I recommended the Citizen and BBQ pork sandwiches. She decided to order a B.L.A.T, a solid choice.

I decided to order something I hadn't before - a breakfast baguette! Description from the website: Black Forest ham, white cheddar cheese & tomato on a buttered baguette. And added an egg, over easy. Sounds simple. Tasted incredible. Ordered a side of rustic herb roasted potatoes and drip coffee to complete the meal. The baguette has got to be from Macrina Bakery. I've never had a better baguette than from Macrina. At least in the states. The ham was not too salty, not too thick - just right. The potatoes were generally seasoned and a tasty complement to my sandwich.

What I like about Citizen is it's inexpensive delicious food in a cute atmosphere. I first discovered it through a LivingSocial deal, probably the best deal I've ever purchased - 12 meals & 6 bottles of wine for $29. I've tried pretty much everything on the menu - from crepes, to sandwiches to weekend brunch items. I'm quite fond of the savory crepes here. Actually I think I ate exclusively sweet crepes until coming to Citizen. I appreciate how their menu hasn't changed much since my first visit in 2010, shortly after they opened. Consistent menu, taste and prices. What has changed though is now it is incredibly busy and crowded it gets! It's a small venue to begin with - actually would be great for an intimate social party - and during the weekends there can be quite a wait! And since they only have a small kitchen - referred to as a "dollhouse kitchen" on their menu - there could be a wait for your meal, start to finish. Well worth it though if you have the time.

Citizen is one of those restaurants that I many not come to every week (especially since it's in Queen Anne and I live in Renton) but I definitely love returning to it and knowing I will have a satisfying meal.