Eating pies on Orcas Island

This past weekend I went to Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands. Here's a summary of the food I ate: Pies. Jumbleberry pie. Salmon leek pie. Pancetta pie. Oh, I also got the perfect vanilla latte at a local cafe called Straight Shots. You can read my yelp review here.

On Saturday afternoon I was at the local farmer's market, held in a parking lot in downtown, and serendipitously enough found a pie shop called Passionate for Pies in the same parking lot. Turns out that this pie shop had been featured in Sunset Magazine in May.
I shared a slice of the jumbleberry pie and the salmon pie. Here are the deets:

Jumbleberry pie: local bluberries, strawberries and raspberries with oatmeal crumble and thick crust. Oatmeal crumble complemented berries well. Not too sweet or syrupy. Tasted very fresh and I couldn't put my fork down. I usually want my pie a la mode but the pie was just perfect on its own.

Salmon leek pie: Fresh salmon, leeks, eggs and pie crust. The savory layer seemed to split from the crust so it was a wee bit challenging to get the savory bite and pie crust at the same time, especially since you're given forks made of wood material (think material used in coffee stir sticks).

Next we went to Rose's Bakery & Cafe and split the thin crust pizza with marinara, pancetta and rosemary and split a bottle of French red wine. Pizza was amazing - cheesy, greasy and authentic thin crust. Wine was a little heavier than your traditional table red and paired nicely with the pizza.

I recommend you get some pie of your own next time you're on Orcas.

Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen

This past Friday evening I was delighted after a long day’s work to head out on the town and celebrate my friend Ashley’s 30th!

Ashley is a cool lady whom I met at the Young Professionals of Seattle networking happy hour in November 2011. Since then we’ve kept in good contact, meeting up occasionally for networking events and ladies happy hour. I haven’t seen Ashley in a few months as she wrapped up her master’s program this past August and I started my master’s program in September. Needless to say I was happy to get the invite to her birthday party so we could reconnect!

Ashley is originally from Austin, TX and loves to incorporated Texan culture into food outings! And we love her for it! So to celebrate her day, she and 20 friends ventured to Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen in Ballard.

It was rainy Friday night and parking was a pain, but I endured, found a parking spot and headed in. Ashley’s celebration was full of fun, laughter, friends and good food. Sadly I can’t say the same about the service. I’ll explain…I quickly decided that I wanted the hot wings and fried green tomatoes…to accompany my glass of Vionger.

The food was delicious, the wings tasted suspiciously JUST like those at Sazerac at Hotel Monaco in downtown. Hmmm…and how…considering that I came an hour late my service was prompt. I imagine Ashley and crew had to do a bit of waiting…as all of our food came at the same time.

On a note to service, the server was very sarcastic and borderline rude. I would not recommend anyone sit in his section. But go for the food and enjoy!

Greenwood brunch joint did not disappoint

I'm in love with Pete's Egg Nest, a brunch joint in Greenwood.

Do you like fresh, quality, delicious food? Prepared quickly? For under $10/plate?

Do you like leftovers you can enjoy from the comfort of your home? Friendly service?

Do you like easily accessible street parking near the restaurant entrance?

Go there soon, and you will fall in love too.

After a walk around Greenlake and Mighty-O donuts for breakfast, I was ready for a substantive meal. I ordered the California scramble: big chunks of avocado; sauteed green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes & onions; freshly scambled bites of egg all topped with sour cream & shredded cheddar cheese with a heaping portion of fried hash browns on the side. The ingredients complemented each together very well, making every bite absolutely delightful. Since I LOVE avocadoes, I certainly appreciated the fresh avocado chunks. And sour cream on a scramble? What an ingenious idea!

I will be back very soon. I suggest you join me.

Two of my favorite things: Cabo & guacamole

It's been awhile since my last blog post. My insanely busy life got in the way. But even in the midst of insanity, I was still able to find many satisfying meals around a restaurant table, bar countertop and dining room tables.

As you may know (if you didn't, start following our Facebook page "Two Seattle Foodies" be in the know), Keisha and I took a fabulous summer vacation to Cabo in August, where we enjoyed sunshine, all-inclusive food & drinks and many pooltime adventures.

While in Cabo, my favorite snack was tableside guacamole. If you have spent any time with me, you'll pick up on my love for avocadoes. So loving guacamole just seems logical. Though I've eaten at restaurants where tableside guacamole was available, I had never tried it until that serendipitous evening in Cabo. The best part was it was unexpected! I thought I'd get a bowl of guacamole but when the waiter rolled over a cart with all of the fixings and started whipping it up in front of us I just knew I was in for a delicious treat.

Stay tuned for more Cabo food updates. You may also catch a photo  or two of the beautiful sunsets.