Going Into the Wild @ Cactus!

I was so blessed to spend time with Jenny two Saturdays ago. We started out with the plan to go to a jewelry show, and then we added in brunch at Serious Biscuit/Pie. Upon arrival at Serious Biscuit/Pie the line was out the door – no go! Next, we tried Portage Bay CafĂ©…on a Saturday no luck, 45 min wait. Next…

...we ended up a Cactus. It was fairly empty when we entered the restaurant. We were promptly seated and started to review the menu. We browsed options and decided on some delicious choices – butternut squash enchiladas for Jenny and wild boar tacos for me! Both fine options indeed. My tacos came with rice and beans. I was a bit surprised when the server vividly described to me where the meat on a boar comes from – the neck! Goodness, sir. Leave room for mystery!

We chatted about the wonders of the universe…then our wonderful food arrived! The presentation was beautiful! My boar tacos were delicious - super tasty & well-flavored - a little salty, but nonetheless DELICIOUS! I truly enjoyed them. The rice and beans were about average and met my general expectations. We did request a spice/seasoning rack – but who would be if we haven’t?! We both LOVE spicy food!!

Bottom line: All in all a good meal for a decent price on $11.00 before tax & tip. I am very pleased with the Cactus experience – as this was my 3 or 4th time at one of their locations. 

An unexpected visit to Cactus was satisfying indeed

Keisha and I intended to eat at Serious Biscuit, a Tom Douglas brunch spot. As some of you may recall, we are on a "Tom Douglas challenge," which is to eat at all of Tom's restaurants by the end of this year. I think we're about halfway there.

We showed up to Serious Biscuit on Saturday around 1pm and there was a 25 minute wait. Not a big deal, except I was starving. So we moseyed over across the street to Portage Bay. A 35 minute way. No way. We left and started walking towards Blue Moon Burgers, but Cactus caught our eye. Mainly because the outside of the restaurant is painted in bright colors. We go inside, confirm brunch is available, take a seat then proceed to not order brunch. Instead, Keisha got the boar tacos and I got the butternut squash enchilada. Two words: nom nom.

The butternut squah enchilada was ridiculously delicious. Great mole sauce, soft goat cheese that provided a great texture and chunks of flavorful butternut squash. Served with rice topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and black beans topped with cotija cheese. Prompt service and fun colorful decor. Oh! The enchilada was also topped with my favorite food - guacamole!

Though we didn't order any beverages, their margarita selection looked phenomenal. I will certainly return for a margarita & nachos soon. If not to this location, then to one of the other 3 they have.