Lunchbox Laboratory Offers Greasy Goodness

I recently went to Lunchbox Laboratory twice in one week. Dined in once and got takeout the other time. Verdict: okay burgers, great tots and reasonable prices.
The first time we went for happy hour, but ended up ordering from the regular menu. I got the Tear Jerker burger (ingredient list taken from website): Super-beef patty, pepperjack cheese, lunchbox onions, jalapenos, habanero mayo and Satan’s-tears ketchup with fries. The second time I got the Santa Fe Slammer (from website): Super-beef patty, Colby jack cheese, bacon, lunchbox onions, Anaheim green chilies and Papa’s housemade BBQ with loaded tots: tots, cheese sauce, sour cream and Satan's-tears ketchup.

The burgers left something to be desired. The meat is only available in medium well so the meat tastes too well done and lacks much flavor. For as many loaded ingredients are on the burgers they taste pretty bland. On the other hand, the fries & tots are delicious! However, they are insanely greasy. I also tried the Buff Pops, their take on poppers which I thought were pretty good. Buff pops are cream cheese and jalapeño bits stuffed inside cornbread, then fried. I much prefer the regular jalapeño poppers but they were interesting to try.  

Happy hour is a great deal so perhaps check it out then if you're interested, instead of opting straight for their full-priced menu. There is an impressive milkshae menu, including boozie shakes (shakes with liquor) that we didn't try, but I hear are wonderful.

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