Sub Zero Ice Cream: Chillingly Good

I am hooked on the show Shark Tank. In a nutshell, it's entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to a panel of highly successful entrepreneurs. They ask for a certain amount of $ in return for a % ownership of their company.
During one episode, the entrepreneurs were a darling couple pitching an ice cream shop called Sub Zero. What distinguishes Sub Zero from, let's say, a Basket Robbins or Cold Stone Creamery? How the ice cream is made!
The process is super cool. Choose a base (milk, cream, milk alternative, etc.) along with syrup and toppings (so many to choose from!) that they throw into a large mixing bowl. And watch as liquid nitrogen is poured into your bowl while the ice cream maker hand mixes and, voila, ice cream is made.
The entrepreneurs mentioned there was already an open location in WA. To my great joy the WA location is in Federal Way, only a 45 minute commute from my place!
My hubby and I went with our 7yo nephew and the experience couldn't have been more fun! Not only fun but also very delicious! I tried two kinds of ice cream - the mint choco chip in a chocolate waffle bowl and a Heath bar, graham cracker, caramel mix in a waffle bowl. Both were creamy, flavorful and had the perfect ice cream texture. The waffle cone was good too, though not as fresh as Molly Moon's.

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