Take me to the Island with Soul

As 2012 came to a close my dear stepfather had another blessed birthday. I wanted to take him and my mom somewhere special…so we ended up at Island Soul Rum Bar & Caribbean Cuisine. I have to speak frankly, this place is AMAZING! If you have never been to this magical establishment you need to you as soon as you can! http://islandsoulrestaurant.net/

 After Christmas with my family I headed back to Seattle and my mom wanted to join me. We hung out in Seattle for 3 days. Then, Myron, my stepdad, met us in Seattle (Columbia City neighborhood) at the restaurant.

We started by ordering two pleasing appetizers – sweet plantains and Island Soul wings (habanero style). OMG! This was so very delicious I almost wanted to get up and do a happy dance. Instead I did a happy dance on the inside. My parents loved it too. Also Myron and I decided to split a lovely bottle of red wine, which just so happened to be from a winery that I visited in eastern Washington last summer.

The Main Course – let’s go!
At the start of this meal I convinced my parents to order a couple of appetizers and two entrees. That way we didn’t over order or overeat. For our entrees we ordered the Island Soul Caribbean Jerk ribs, with collard greens and macaroni & cheese and the Island Soul curry chicken, with collard greens and smashed yams. Both dishes were epically delicious. The preparation of the meat and the seasoning were perfectly done. The collard greens were made without meat, and packed a powerhouse of flavor. The macaroni & cheese nearly brought tears to my eyes! And the smashed yams were delicious. But oddly enough my mom refused to try them.  Oh! and we had the coconut cornbread muffins. Bomb! – enough said!

Lastly, as we concluded the night Myron ordered a birthday dessert – red velvet cupcakes! I happened to love red velvet cupcakes and enjoyed every second of my cupcake!!!

Awww yes, an incredible meal indeed! Now I recommend that you get to Island Soul Rum Bar & Caribbean Cuisine!! 

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