Who is Keisha?

What can you say about a woman like Keisha?! 

I like my food & wine! That’s a good way to start. I am a true people-person! I majored in sociology and communication in college to deepen my understanding of people in groups and society and because she loves to socialize and engage in conversation – be it deep or surface-level stories for laughter. After college, I began my career in the non-profit, educational sector. I have had a deep love of food preparation, presentation, taste and enjoyment since I was a young girl. I truly believe that community, family and love are built through shared experiences over food!  I love to travel the world, read classic and contemporary novels, watch movies, see plays, spend time with family & friends, and take walks at Green Lake!

I recently graduated with my Master of Arts degree in Student Development Administration from Seattle University. I create masterpieces in the kitchen (mine and others) and enjoy many restaurants that Seattle has to offer.

Keisha’s Faves:

Wine: Sangiovese (red), Sauvignon Blanc (white)

Cheese: It’s a three-way tie! Colby Jack, Smoked Cheddar and (warm) Brie

Dessert: red velvet (cup)cakes or Molly Moon’s Scout Mint!  

Comfort food: homemade mac and cheese, followed by a brownie!

Home-cooked meal: Mom and Grandma do it right! Chicken Cordon Bleu, Grandma’s (collard) greens, Gumbo!

Fave new cooking phrase: Keep calm and cook on!